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Product Description
Butterfly blender it comes equipped with a blender jug. With help from this little kitchen helper, you can start making exquisite cooking masterpiece at home for your family and friends to enjoy.

Making life easier
• 500 W
• 1.5 L Glass Jar

Durable and Safety usage
• Stainless Steel Housing
• Ice Crushing Function

1.5 L Glass Jar 
1.5 L glass Jar for maximum convenient usage.

600 W
With 600 W Power Consumption.

Stainless Steel Housing

With high quality stainless steel housing design.

Ice Crushing Function

With high performance ice-crushing function.

Specifications of Butterfly Blender B-530

Technical specifications
•Capacity: 1.5 L
•Wattage: 600 W

General specifications
•Stainless Steel Housing: Yes
•Ice Crushing Function: Yes
•Fashionable Compact Design: Yes
•Speed Settings: 2