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"EAGLE"#AS4344K 14/4CM,#AS4362 14/3CM #AS4362 16/2CM S/STEEL TIFFIN CARRIER

RM 33.50

Keeps food warm and ready to eat!
There's really nothing like digging into a hot meal after working all through the morning! The Tiffin Carrier delivers in terms of quality because its stainless steel feature helps keep your meals warm from the moment it is put into the box until you've opened it! The tiffin carrier model has had a long history and its revamped new look and material helps make an old favourite more durable and long-lasting. The Tiffin also comes attached with a safety clasp so you don't have to worry about making any unnecessary messes and accidents.

Different compartments for more of your favourite meals!
The great thing about the Tiffin Carrier is the number of compartments it has! Whether you're a large eater or a small one, the Tiffin Carrier can accomodate any of your gastronomical needs. You can put your main meal in one compartment and dessert in the other, or even bring two or three different meals in separate compartments! It's easy to satisfy a hungry stomach with the amount of food choices you can fill up your carrier with!

Environmentally friendly
Not only is the Tiffin useful, but it is environmentally friendly as well. Its stainless steel feature means that it can be later recycled once you have no more use for it. This in turn saves a lot of energy and helps our Earth channel renewable resources instead of wasting most of our natural resources. Mother Nature will surely be proud!