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RM 549.00

Runtime per Charge*

  • Approx. 100 Screws in Wood
    (Low Speed + Drill Mode, ø5.8 x 45mm wood screws into American pine with ø4mm pilot holes)
    Approx. 130 Holes in Wood
    (Low Speed + Drill Mode, ø18 x 18mm holes into American pine)
    Approx. 50 Holes in Steel
    (High Speed + Drill Mode, ø6.5 x 1.6mm holes into mild steel)
    Approx. 20 Holes in Mortar
    (High Speed + Impact Drilling Mode, ø3.4 x 30mm holes into mortar)

    • With the BSL 1225M battery. The presented runtimes are shown for reference purposes and may vary according to conditions.
  • Runtime per Charge

Other Features

  • 3 Operation Modes (Screw-tightening / Drilling /Impact Drilling)
  • 20-stage Clutch
  • Keyless Chuck
  • LED Light