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MULTI-PURPOSE VACUUM CLEANER                         

 WD 2 CARTRIDGE FILTER KIT Ideal entry-level device: 

The WD 2 Cartridge Filter Kit multi-purpose vacuum cleaner is powerful and energy-efficient, and comes with a 12-litre plastic container and a cartridge filter. 

The compact WD 2 Cartridge Filter Kit is a powerful multi-purpose vacuum cleaner with a power consumption of only 1,000 watts. 

The equipment includes a robust and impact-resistant plastic container with a 12-litre capacity, as well as a cartridge filter for vacuuming dry and wet dirt without changing the filter. 

The vacuum cleaner comes with the newly developed clips floor nozzle with mixed insert, which allows all types of dirt to be removed effectively. Other features of the device: "Pull & Push" locking system, ergonomic carrying handle and practical cable and accessory storage on the device.