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RM 295.00

“ROVEGA” Plastic Dish Cabinet # DCB 2568 is a rack for storing plates, spoon / fork and glass to make it safe from dust and dirt.
  DCB 2568 is a rack plate made of high-quality plastic material. Solid dish rack is designed for use in a long period of time. Equipped with a container or drawer at the top and bottom, so that gives you easy to store food with the practical. 
  Equipped with a clear glass cover so that dust does not easily fit into a rack. 


  • Shelves plate 
  • Points storage plates, spoons / forks, glasses
  • Safe and practical - Safe from dust / dirt 
  • Plastic food grade
  • Product Size:  485 x 380 x 765 mm
  • Material: Plastic
  • Design: Designed with 3 arrangement which can be used also for storing food -