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RM 179.00

Product Description

  • This Bell Chafing Dish includes a water pan, food pan, a fuel holder with cover, a top cover and stainless steel bell cover hook. This dish is fit for serving all kinds of meals and a great way to add sophistication to any holiday banquet or special occasion. This dish utilizes canned fuel, a convenient and portable heating source.
  • Great for buffets, potlucks, and other self-serve events, this chafer keeps food warm with a large pan. 
  • Maintain proper food temperature for the best cuisine with this buffet chafer. Place your heat source in the fuel holder, install and fill the lower pan with water to evenly distribute heat, and place your food in the upper pan.
  •  This pack includes the welded rack, cover, water pan, food pan, and fuel holder. Hand wash with hot, soapy water and rinse thoroughly to clean. Dry immediately after washing. Avoid salt solutions or acidic foods and abrasive or harsh cleansers to preserve your piece's finish. Whether you are preparing small snacks, big meals and everything in between, great meals start with BigSpoon. Made from stainless steel, this chafer is perfect for serving hot foods. 
  • It is commonly used by catering services and restaurant for serving buffets.
  •  Flexible Handling Specially designed with sturdy hook gives you the flexibility to hang the cover either on top or side for serving versatility. 
  • High Quality Food Grade Stainless Steel Made from high quality food grade stainless steel with trendy and stylish design which is highly durable, hygiene and easy to clean. 
  • Bright and Reflective Polished Finishing Finished with shine reflective polishing to create a bright and noble effect. 
  • Fuel Holder Complete with a fuel holder with 360 degree rotating cover to ensure warm dishes serve all the time.