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JM68 MONALISA Paring Knife 4"

Products Description:

Paring knife is a thin-bladed small knife intended for coring, paring and peeling fruit such as apples as well as slicing small ingredient. It is designed to be a multi-purpose knife, similar to a chef's knife, except smaller. Paring knives are majorly used for detailed and controlled cutting.

Dimension           : L 215mm x W 35mm x H 22mm

Blade                  : L 4"  ♦   L 100mm x W 26mm

Blade Thickness   : 2mm

Weight                : 92g

Barcode              : 9 555031 606666

Material              : 3 Cr 13 MoV Stainless Steel

Handle                : Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) + Stainless Steel

Colour Family      : Red, Blue

•  Knife type: Paring knife

•  Ergonomically designed soft handle - Special design for lady.

•  Well-balanced weight.

•  Slip-proof handle with leather impression.

•  Laser-tested cutting edge (cutting accurately and evenly)

•  Dedicated on high-end stainless steel cutting tools.

•  High hardness & toughness, persistent sharp and durable. 

•  Knife stamped from one piece of steel, providing high resistant and highest stability.

•  Ideal for home use.


1. For better performance of the product, it is recommended to wash and dry it very carefully before storing. 

2. To increase the life span of the knife, do not use it on glass or ceramic worktop.

3. For safety, do not take it by hand when knife drop down.

4. Do not test the sharpness by finger.

5. Keep out of reach of children.

The role of metal elements in steel structure:

♦(C, carbon) is the most important alloying element in steel. With increased carbon content, steel becomes harder and stronger.

♦(Cr, chromium) is added to the steel to increase resistance to oxidation. The resistance of steel increases as more chromium is added.

♦(Mo, molybdenum) can promote gain-refinement in steel. It used efficiently in steel to improve hardenability and strength.

♦(V, vanadium) is characterised by high fire-2019 - Shortcut.lnkresistance and is added to steel as a gain-refining agent. Vanadium is added to steel for strengthening purposes.